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The dZi Foundation

We have been very fortunate to work with the dZi Foundation on two separate promotional films. These films were shot on location in Ladakh & Sikkim, India and Nepal. We are continually inspired by the work dZi does in these remote corners of the world and are proud to have played a part in helping this amazing organization grow.

The dZi Foundation supports twenty-two health, education, and community development programs throughout the Himalayan region of India and Nepal. They serve communities not on the radar of other International Non-Governmental Organizations due to caste make-up and remote location.

Enjoy a few of our short films on the work of dZi and help spread the good word about The dZi Foundation.

Videos may take a moment to load. Thanks for you patience.

Nepal: Revitalize a Village Program



Sikkim, India: Primary Education Sponsorship


Ladakh, India: Optical Solutions Program




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