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Children at play ... the wide-eyed wonderment of newly discovered things, the uninhibited movements, the astronomical amounts of energy, the giggles that cannot be controlled ... As adults it is easy to lose track of how amazing this world is. If only everyone throughout their lives could view the natural world the way children do, with the same enthusiasm, curiosity and bewilderment.

At Through a Child's Eyes Productions, we strongly believe life is a gift which provides fresh ideas and excitement every single day. We strive to view our world and the people who inhabit it as a child does; to really look, to find fun in the mundane and to learn from everyone and every single experience. We recognize film and photography as a powerful tool that can be utilized to leave a lasting, positive, thought provoking impression upon a large audience. Our goal is to inspire, educate and challenge via the medium of motion pictures and still photography no matter what the subject and to always try to view the world through a child's eyes.  We specialize in adventure, cultural and environmental filmmaking and still photography from conception through presentation.